$185 Check Up & Clean

At Eastern Creek SmileCo Dental, we are passionate about making dental treatment affordable for all families. We are also big believers in prevention as the best medicine. That is why the maximum out of pocket expense you’d pay for a regular check up and clean is $185, regardless if you have health insurance! That’s more than 30% off! This 6-monthly treatment includes a full exam, clean, x-ray (if required) and fluoride treatment. Maintaining good oral health for your family doesn’t have to be a costly exercise with Eastern Creek SmileCo Dental.

This check up also provides patients with a fantastic opportunity to ask for any advice regarding how they can best maintain their oral health between visits.

Should your dentist identify an issue during your check up that requires further attention, they will discuss your treatment options with you in detail. From there, you can decide together what the best course of action will be in order to maintain good oral health.

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Teeth Whitening

Take Home Teeth Whitening $299
Or In Chair Whitening $499

Teeth whitening is the fastest cosmetic treatment to improve your smile, and is no longer a procedure reserved for the rich and famous! Eastern Creek SmileCo Dental offers two whitening methods; Take-Home or In-Chair.

The Take-Home whitening method can take between 1 and 2 weeks to take effect, due to its lower concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide. This characteristic can make it more suitable for patients who experience mild sensitivity.

The In-Chair whitening takes approximately 2 hours, with results typically visible at the end of the appointment. This method of whitening occurs more rapidly, meaning there is a higher concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide. This can increase the risk of post-whitening tooth sensitivity in prone patients.

To find out which whitening method is best for you, speak to a friendly member of our team today!

$1000 Free Children’s Dental

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is an Australian Government initiative aimed at improving the oral health of children aged 2-17. The scheme gives eligible children access to $1000 every 2 calendar years to be spent on basic dental treatments, such as check ups, x-rays, fillings, root canals, extractions, and more!

Eligibility must be determined prior to accessing funding. It is reassessed each calendar year, with funds valid for 2 calendar years.

Free Teeth Whitening With All Teeth Straightening Treatments

Eastern Creek SmileCo Dental is excited to offer all of our patients who complete a teeth straightening service a FREE take-home teeth whitening kit! Why just have a straighter smile, when you can have a straighter, whiter, brighter smile!

Mouth Guards $140 for Adults and $90 for Children

Your teeth are put at risk in any environment or situation where there is a chance of an object coming into contact with the mouth. This is particularly common in sports, where the risk of injury is increased dramatically.

In addition to offering dental care that is accessible and affordable for everyone, our dentists strongly believe in prevention as the best medicine. That is why we offer custom made mouth guards for just $140 for adults and $90 for children.

Mouth guards made by Eastern Creek SmileCo Dentists are custom-made and are of better quality than over the counter products. These mouth guards are generally ill-fitting, bulky and hard to wear. Our custom-made mouth guards are specially designed, allowing you to bite, speak and breathe normally.

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